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5 Ways to Happily Handle Social Distancing for Extroverts

First, I have to apologize for my delay in writing. I got the flu and was basically unable to do anything. I owe big thanks to those who took such good care of me during these months.

Every experience including the flu, has an upside, some have several. During my illness and to prevent infecting others, I necessarily had to spend a lot of time alone over the last few months. So having the flu has made me somewhat of an unwilling expert in social distancing and prepared me to face quarantine. Being an extrovert, I needed all the help I could get. Here are five ways I learned to cope with social distancing.

  1. Acknowledgement: In my opinion, social distancing, unlike other forms of social responsibility, sucks. It divides and keeps people apart. Yes, I do see why it is necessary, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck, especially for the extrovert who draws strength and joy from people. Allowing myself to acknowledge the suckiness of this situation acts like a safety valve for me. I don’t have to expend the energy to pretend this situation does not suck. A caveat to this situation for me must be not to spread the pain or fear.

  2. Walk the Dog: I’m a dog person. Mine loves to walk or ride on my motorized scooter. I’ve noticed other extroverts hanging out on their front porches, allowing me to converse with others safely.

  3. Have a virtual party/ attend a virtual concert or event: My favorite band, Sidewalk Prophets, recently held a concert on You Tube. It was awesome talking with other fans at their live event. Apparently, other celebrities are hosting similar events.

  4. Develop a New Talent: Most of you know that I already write fiction. I’m branching out to non-fiction as well as exploring publication of some finished work.

  5. Explore my Introverted Side: I am not completely extroverted, as I suspect very few people are. Doing things that allow me to explore my introverted side, like meditation, has been really helpful. Exploring other spiritual resources online has also been helpful.

As always, my mother views the quarantine as a perfect opportunity to call her more frequently! If you have family or friends who need some TLC, provide it as best you can. Remember, this will all be over soon and the sun will come out again. If I can support you during these times, contact me!

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