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Being and Staying Positive

People ask me all the time how I stay positive, especially facing all in the obstacles I have. The short answer is that I’m just like you. I’m not positive all the time. No one can be, but I try to be consistently grateful. I’m thankful for the abilities I have and for all the amazing support available to me when I get down, especially on myself.

I found an important resource recently related to self-doubt. It’s a podcast by one of my favorite actors, Jordan Walker Ross. Currently, he plays Little James on the hit show, The Chosen: (9:50). Like me, he has cerebral palsy and scoliosis. He’s doing what he loves: acting and producing a podcast called What’s Your Limp:

In the podcast, Walker Ross opens up about his struggles with bullying in the past and how he despises his condition at times. Like him, I was also bullied at school and grew up believing I was just like any other child. I had a rude awakening to my differences. I also struggle with hating my own limitations now and again.

Here’s how I cope and thrive:

1. Love your limp: this is a recurring theme of the podcast and something I strive to do on a daily basis. Loving yourself is not self-indulgence. It is recognizing your value and contribution to the world.

2. Disability is strength: most people (including me in times) equate disability or limitation with inability. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is a point made very clear, especially in Walker Ross’ interview with fellow actor, RJ Mitte:

3. Value other limps and teach #1: you aren’t alone in having a limp. Others do too. This is the second theme of the podcast. The limp you have may be the same or different. It is easier to love your own limp if you can see and appreciate other limps.

4. Do what you love: for me this one is easier than done. I was bitten by the acting bug early in college, but afraid to pursue my passion for it. So despite being told by many reputable acting teachers that I had talent, I abandoned the craft soon after graduation. Thankfully, I found other avenues to express my creativity. Now doing what I love means helping you to live the life you want.

Anyway, check out the podcast and the show. You’ll be glad you invested the time. And tell Jordan I sent you.

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