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Finding Reason not to Quit

You only need one reason to keep going.

Before I am accused of not having ideas of my own, please hear me out. I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment either and wanted to write about it. What is that one reason? It’s all very well to say never ever quit, but what keeps us going? In the face of discrimination, disappointment, naysayers and even isolation, why not just quit?

You will never realize your dream if you quit.

So the reason is the dream and the dream looks different for everyone. The dream is powerful and it keeps us going.

My dream is to build a business that supports you to develop yours. What’s yours? Many people say they don’t have one. I disagree. Everyone has a dream.

As a coach, I’ve had a lot of questions designed to elicit information about the dream. “You free a genie who grants you three wishes, what do you wish for?” or “If money weren’t an object, what would you do?”

These types of questions bother me on one level because no one I know is likely to encounter a genie or a magic wand and money definitely matters. We all want to be able to pay our bills. But, asking questions like this can be helpful especially if action follows dreaming. But that’s a post for another day.

Don’t quit, realizing your dream is at stake.

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