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Set Goals #2- and Be Happy

I was meditating this week and came across this. It made me think. Having goals definitely makes me happy and I get great satisfaction from achieving them. So my initial reaction was to reject this. To me, this statement seemed almost defeatist, supporting my tendency to give up. However on closer reflection, I now think it is totally true.

Let me explain the reason behind my changed perspective. The key term is ‘dependent’. My happiness is definitely not dependent on attaining goals. As I said in a previous post, I haven’t achieved every goal I have set.

So on what is it dependent? I would like to say ‘nothing’. I’m just happy. But that’s not entirely true.

I don’t consider myself a naturally happy person and I’d really like to get there. For now though, I think my happiness, rather than being dependent on goal attainment, is actually dependent on simply having goals. Having something to work on itself makes me happy.

It actually doesn’t matter to me if I achieve a goal yet. There is always more time as long as I draw breath.

What about you? On what is your happiness dependent?

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