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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

I hate to admit it, but I’m struggling right now. My bilateral shoulder and lower back pain is worse. I’m essentially bed ridden and have been for weeks now, only getting up to bathe or use the restroom.

I’m a high energy person, so I’m pretty bored right now. I’m also really upset that I can’t swim. I’m in too much pain.

So what am I doing? A lot of reading and writing, I write novels for fun. I participated in PitMad for the first time, posting tweets on Twitter to pitch my latest creation. I’m trying to support and encourage other fledgling writers too.

I’ve also stepped up my meditation practice to help me

deal with the anger and disappointment of not being able to swim right now.

If I’ve realized anything in this process, it is this: I have to find a way to enjoy everything. Good and bad experiences aren’t the same, but they are both part of my life. Grim acceptance will not make for a life well lived or, more importantly, one enjoyed.

Enough serious stuff...

Here is something I love that seems to be going viral: Hope it brightens your day!

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