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Family to Family

A Problem: In some parts of the world, babies born with visible disabilities like cerebral palsy and their mothers are often marginalized. These people are incorrectly viewed as cursed, abandoned by everyone they know and some are even forced to flee their homes in order to preserve life. These mothers are defective in the eyes of some, unable to produce a healthy, normal child. Sometimes people even give in to pressure and kill these children in order to eliminate the curse.


Our Vision: In collaboration with Rotary International, World Disability Group and other stakeholders, My True Abilities (MTA) seeks to create an awareness raising film that explains the current mindset about people with visible physical disabilities and their families, in some parts of the world. The film explains our shared goal of supporting the physically disabled and their families through targeted services such as: daycare, therapy, durable medical equipment, educational and support services.


Method: Through a series of interviews, with mothers, other family members and service providers or organizations supporting these families, we hope to illustrate the problem and offer an alternate view of physical disability. Our ultimate aim is to offer families impacted by disability another viewpoint, hope for the future, to include Better Lives for all.


An example: this mother is amazing. Her message to others who have children with disabilities was inspiring. Reach out. In many places, disability or difference is considered to be a curse. Unfortunately, the medical community there often encourages people to let their children die. The adult child in this video said it best: disability does not mean inability. The acknowledgment that we can contribute and have talents of our own is also amazing.

Others should see this. Please send this viral and share with your networks. MTA and others are attempting to dispel these myths.


You can help! Our promotional video, Mother to Mother is in the planning phase. Go to our Donate to MTA page and give. Every dollar counts and we will update you with our progress on fundraising, making and publicizing the film.

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