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Cerebral Palsy Space (CEPAS)- The Physical Therapy Center

CP Space (CEPAS) is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) in Nairobi, Kenya founded in 2020 by proud parent Suzy Nigeri. Suzy is the dedicated parent of four children. Like Michelle, her oldest has cerebral palsy. CEPAS provides daycare and therapy services to children with severe disabilities. In addition, CEPAS provides custom wheelchairs to children in need in Kenya and it's surrounding villages. With support from our donors, Mitchell Porche and the Porche family, MTA provides funding for the center, durable medical equipment and other support to CEPAS.


After some much needed renovation, the CEPAS Therapy Center is in full swing and changing lives. Smile for the camera!

front view.jpg

Making Tracks

parallel bars.jpg

The Parallel Bars are my favorite!

3 children w oi 2022-01-05 at 6.32.24 AM.jpeg

Suzie with 3 children who have osteogenesis imperfecta, Thanks for the wheels MTA!


It's not easy getting into a wheelchair.  Susie shows how it's done


Thank you to Hon. Esther M Passaris for her much needed support for our wheelchair factory


Susie delivering life changing wheelchairs 


Suzie with 3 children who have osteogenesis imperfecta. Thanks for the wheels, MTA!

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